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Step 03: Install .NET Core Hosting Bundle

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  • Stefan Pappalardo

    Wasn't this step already part of previous step, between install and configure IIS?

    Do we need to install .NET Core Hosting Bundle before or after configuration of IIS?


    1. Switch Step 02 and 03 with the following result.
      Step 02: Install .NET Core Hosting Bundle
      Step 03: Application Hosting
    2. Remove Install .NET Core Hosting Bundle from Step 03.
    3. Add a better introduction to Step 02 (Install .NET Core Hosting Bundle) describing for what exactly the installation is needed and that you are not able to skip the installation if a regular .NET framework (i.e. 4.8) is already installed.

    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards


  • Andreas Hove

    Hi Stefan,

    thank you for the feedback!

    The order of installation is that IIS has to be installed before installing the hosting bundle. The hosting bundle is required even though you have .NET Framework installed. 

  • Stefan Pappalardo

    Hi Andreas,

    in this case I recommend to remove "Install .NET Core Hosting Bundle" from Step 02.

    Thanks in advance & best regards


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