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Installation Preparation Checklist

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  • Sebastian Sletten Eide

    Regarding nr. 4
    "Ensure that the user account used by Blue Prism Application Server to access the Blue Prism Database has the db_owner role on the Blue Prism Database. 

    After installation, the access rights for the user account can be reduced to the following:

    • Standard access for database tables: db_datareader
    • Extended access required on 2 tables:
      • Supervisor_Queue (Insert, Update, Delete)
      • BPAWorkQueueItem (Update)"

    I'm not quite sure which account this is in reference to. Is it the account that is running the Blue Prism Service on our application server? Does the service user for the Supervisor Adapter or Service user for Supervisor server need any specific rights to either the BP DB or Supervisor DB?

  • Andreas Hove

    Hi Sebastian! Thanks for this feedback! The After Installation part refers to the Adapter User running the RPA Supervisor Blue Prism Adapter. I've updated the article now


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